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When Are My Symptoms Considered Allergies?

Seasonal allergies are typically easy to determine if symptoms begin or worsen at the onset of spring or fall. These allergies are usually caused by pollen and mold spores released from flowering plants, grasses or ragweed. Symptoms of an allergy attack include congestion, clear nasal discharge, sneezing, itchy eyes, watery eyes, or a scratchy throat. Our ENT allergy specialists offer allergy evaluations and treatments, like sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops). Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our allergy services.

When Are My Allergy Symptoms Considered Sinusitis?

Symptoms of allergies and sinusitis often overlap. If your symptoms worsen, such as you notice your snot has taken on a consistently yellow, green or grey tint or you begin experiencing great fatigue and pain in the face, you may have developed sinusitis.

In some cases, sinusitis symptoms can last twelve weeks or longer, even if treated with medication, causing prolonged sinus swelling and inflammation. This is referred to as chronic sinusitis and symptoms include frequent sinus headaches, constant congestion, facial pressure and more. Chronic sinusitis impacts overall quality of life, causing you to feel generally lousy all the time. In addition, chronic sinusitis can cause damage to the sinus cavities and bones, requiring invasive surgery.



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