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The team at Sinus Institute Of Atlanta is recognized 
nationally for exceptional care of the sinuses. Our technology, 
tools, training and team make us uniquely qualified to care 
for your sinuses and breathing.

Tools, Technology, Training
The Sinus Institute Of Atlanta Difference

Dr. Pradeep Sinha

A recognized leader in sinus care, Dr. Sinha is known as a true scientist with a gift for listening and understanding patient needs. Learn what sets Dr. Sinha apart from the pack.


Patient Information

Download your patient forms and learn about travel to Atlanta to visit our facility from around the world. Get the info you need to work with our team from wherever you are.


Why Choose Us

A team of specialists brought together at one facility to provide the pinnacle of patient care for sinus sufferers. Trust your health and well being to a practice with a proven track record of success.


Patient privacy is critical to our business. We protect your information and never share it with a 3rd party. Learn how we protect your critical information here…

Sinus Solutions: Perform Better, Stop Pain,
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