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Expert, Comprehensive Sinus Surgery

At the Sinus Institute of Atlanta we address all sinus issues no matter how complex. Breathe clearly, remove obstructions and solve chronic sinus issues now. Deviated Septum? Headaches? Have an issue nobody can solve? Contact Dr. Sinha and the team at SIA to learn all your options.


Non-Surgical Balloon Sinuplasty™

A fast, non-surgical approach to sinus relief. The Sinus Institute has state of the art CT scanning and agile endoscopic scopes to quickly diagnose you and get results, today. This life changing procedure can be performed at our facility on an outpatient basis. Covered by most insurance, Balloon Sinuplasty is a game changer.


Allergy Testing And Treatment

Atlanta’s allergy experts. When the seasons change, pollen, dust and other irritants can make you feel congested and sick. Our state of the art allergy testing and treatment can address your most complex sinus allergy issues. Contact our allergy team to diagnose and treat your allergies today.


We offer everything in one simple visit. No labs or off site tests.
State of the art CT scans and diagnostics allow superior care
and get you in and out fast.

1. Start With A


Under One Roof – Many sinus facilities will send you all over Atlanta for the specialists, scopes and CT scans necessary to assess your sinus condition and establish a treatment plan.

One Simple Visit To Start – Here at Sinus Institute we have all the most modern tools and trained experts ON SITE to make your visit both fast and effective. Trust a team with THOUSANDS of happy patients.

2. The World’s Best
Technology On Site


Low radiation CT scan – The safest technology in Atlanta. Get your results back in minutes instead of weeks.

Small And Agile Scope – The most modern tools to assess your sinuses.

State Of The Art Surgery Center – A private facility completely focused on your result. It’s a faster and safer procedure here at SIA.

3. Results That
Really Last


Excellence In Sinus Care We’re known internationally for serious patient care. Trust a team that specializes in the most modern treatments and protocols.

Fast Results – from assessment to the procedure we’re saving you time, money and multiple visits. Connect with our experts for REAL WORLD SINUS SOLUTIONS.


Real Patient Story
ALEX – Balloon Sinuplasty™

After sports injuries and allergies,
Alex struggled with her sinuses and breathing.

“They really helped my breathing and sleeping.
Opening up my sinuses really
helped my overall health.


Real Patient Story
MONET- Balloon Sinuplasty™

Constant sinus headaches
were making Monet miserable.
Learn how we helped to clear her head…

“I can breathe, I can smell.
The headaches are gone.
I’m glad my insurance paid for this!


Real Patient Story
MIKE – Balloon Sinuplasty™

As a professional concert violinist breathing
and timing are critical to Mike’s business…

“I can smell things now I have literally NEVER
knew existed. I’m able to
perform at another level. WOW!


Dr. Sinha Featured
In atl&co


Dr. Sinha Featured
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