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How We Evaluate Your Sinuses

If you suffer symptoms of chronic sinusitis, the first step is to visit our Atlanta sinus center and consult with one of our board certified sinus doctors. The physician will perform a detailed history a physical examination.

The doctor will perform a simple office endoscopic examination of your sinuses during your visit to look at nasal anatomy and evaluate sinus disease. Photographs are taken.

We will also image your sinuses with our in office CT scanner to further evaluate sinus and nasal problems. Having an advanced imaging device on site gives our patient the convenience and time saving by combing into one visit what is usually three visits (ordering scan, go to hospital for scan, return for scan results). Our scanner delivers only a small fraction of the radiation that a traditional hospital scanner does to improve patient safety. Results are available immediately so the doctor can review the results with you on the same visit.

Allergy problems are very often a predisposing factor in chronic sinus problems. If not already done, the doctor may make a recommendation for allergy testing which can be performed during a separate visit to our office. Identifying and managing allergy issues helps to ensure a long-lasting excellent result after Balloon Sinuplasty™.

Balloon Sinuplasty™ – A Non Surgical Solution For Sinus Issues

If you suffer from sinus problems that are not relieved with medical therapy, such as antibiotics and nasal sprays, you might be a good candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty™. Chronic sinusitis affects 37 million Americans annually and although various medications may alleviate symptoms temporarily, many individuals require additional treatment for long lasting relief. Traditional sinus surgery under general anesthesia in the operating room may involve extended recovery times and post-operative discomfort. Balloon Sinuplasty™ involves the use of tiny balloons to open blocked sinuses without cutting or drilling. Therefore, this procedure can safely be performed under local anesthesia in the office, similar to a dental procedure. This treatment has been performed on over 330,000 patients suffering worldwide and has an excellent track record of safety, quick recovery and excellent outcomes. If you’d like more information on this breakthrough procedure, please contact us for a consultation.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – Removing Sinus Blockage And Pressure

Sinus surgery is a real option for serious sinus conditions that are not well addressed through medication or balloon treatments. A small endoscope is passed through the nostrils – this surgical tool is able to explore the entire sinus cavity and remove tissues that are diseased or obstructing the airways. This tool can visualize and treat the entire sinus cavity and address conditions that are almost impossible to treat through other methods. Recovery after surgery is often faster than anticipated. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can return to normal activity in 1-2 weeks. Pain is typically managed with Tylenol and rest. 

Allergy Testing And Treatment

Looking for the best allergy doctors in Atlanta? Trust the proven results of the Sinus Institute Of Atlanta. Allergies are often the root cause of many chronic sinus conditions. Identifying and treating allergies can radically improve breathing and address many sinus issues long term. We offer comprehensive skin and blood allergy testing that can quickly identify allergens that are causing patients discomfort and health issues. By addressing allergies and isolating events that trigger allergic reactions we often can improve patient quality of life without surgery.

Are you asking yourself “how do I find an allergy doctor near me?” Contact the #1 team in Atlanta to learn all your options.


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