Sinusitis Evaluation

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Sinus Evaluation For Balloon Sinuplasty

If you suffer symptoms of chronic sinusitis, the next step is to visit our Atlanta sinus center and consult with one of our board certified sinus doctors. The physician will perform a detailed history a physical examination.

The doctor will perform a simple office endoscopic examination of your sinuses during your visit to look at nasal anatomy and evaluate sinus disease. Photographs are taken.

We will also image your sinuses with our in office CT scanner to further evaluate sinus and nasal problems. Having an advanced imaging device on site gives our patient the convenience and time saving by combing into one visit what is usually three visits (ordering scan, go to hospital for scan, return for scan results). Our scanner delivers only a small fraction of the radiation that a traditional hospital scanner does to improve patient safety. Results are available immediately so the doctor can review the results with you on the same visit.
Allergy problems are very often a predisposing factor in chronic sinus problems. If not already done, the doctor may make a recommendation for allergy testing which can be performed during a separate visit to our office. Identifying and managing allergy issues helps to ensure a long-lasting excellent result after Balloon Sinuplasty™.


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